FRITZ is taking you out of the hassle of everyday life and puts you on a two week retreat in her beautiful home in southern Arizona.

This escape is scheduled twice a year, mainly in May and October, to enjoy the most out of this high desert hideaway. May is for the sun lover, October for the one that likes to sit by the fire place at night... 

Space Travel is unique and only allows for 4 to 6 people in the group. I schedule two seperate tours during these two months- an English, as well as a German speaking one.

Space Travel is a vacation that keeps you moving, with healthy meals and absolutly no worries. 

Participants need to be somewhat heat tolerant and able to hike rough terrain up to 20km.  


Price per person $3403 includes:

Hotel at airport on arrival date

Private room



9 dinners, including La Roca in Mexico and Sawmill Run Restaurant on Mt. Lemmon (not including alcoholic beverages)

Entrance fees 


Wine tasting

Yoga in the morning

Hot tub

Wellness package with one hour massage, pedicure and manicure

2 cooking classes

Daily housekeeping



Central A/C and heating


On average, there are 284 sunny days per year in Sierra Vista!

The high/low in May is 85/55 and in October 79/51 Fahrenheit.

The days can be hot, dry and very windy. 

Population: about 42000

Elevation: about 4633 feet


Contact me to get your questions answered and your spot reserved. Simply give me a call, send an email or use WhatsApp! 

You can also rent our beautiful house for your vacation! Take a look and send me a message to check availability.





Arrive Saturday at Tucson Airport and spend the night at an airport hotel.



After breakfast in the hotel, I will pick you up and we drive to Sierra Vista. I will show you your home for the next couple of weeks and once you have settled into your room, we go for a light desert hike in the Huachuca Mountains. Moving around and fresh air will give you a healthy appetite to enjoy dinner from our local cook and housekeeper. Hot tub and some local wine tasting is awaiting you for a good nights sleep.


Mo Day 3: BISBEE

For the early birds I will offer yoga on the back patio or inside, depending on the weather. A wonderful breakfast is awaiting you from 9 am to 10 am, which will kind of be our schedule for the next few days.

We are going to travel to our unique neighboring city, Bisbee. This mining settlement in the Mule Mountains of southeast Arizona offers great shops nestled in the historic town center, lots of steps and allies, a museum, as well as 19th-century architecture with stunning gardens and mountain views. We will get outfitted in a hard hat, minors head lamp, yellow slicker and are heading underground and back in time, into the fantastic Copper Queen mining tour. We will get to know this town from under and above, taking one of their English speaking ghost tours when it gets dark. Our day will end with a great dinner in one of the local restaurants. Hot tub, and a ready made bed is awaiting you at home. 



This day will get you started with a wonderful and filling breakfast from 8 to 9 am. After that we pack a lunch and are heading out to the Chiricahua’s- a wonderland of rocks and one of my favorite National Parks. Chiricahua National Monument is a unit of the National Park System located in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona. This monument was established in 1924, to protect its extensive hoodoos and balancing rocks. The drive there will take us about 2 hours and upon arrival we have an extraordinary hike (moderate, 6km) with a picknick ahead of us. By the time it gets dark we are heading back to Sierra Vista. Our lovely cook will have dinner ready for us, and the hot tub and garden is ready for us to unwind.



Out of experience I am planning a shopping trip in the beginning. My visitors often have specific things in mind that they would like to get, especially if they are from Europe and are trying to take something back that is unique to the US. Knowing that you have taken care of your shopping needs, will let you enjoy the days to come! Also, there is time left if you need to mail order or need to get an extra suitcase… It just takes the shopping pressure away and why wait until the very end? This does not have to turn into the usual mall run around! You get the option to spend time in the village of Tubac, one of the top ten small art towns in the US with world class galleries and local artist studios. I can also drop you off at the Tucson Mall, which is on the way to Tubac. On our return home I will show the movie “Tombstone” to anybody interested and if weather permitting, on the big screen outside.

But first, we start off the day with yoga in the morning and a great breakfast to get you going. We leave the house around 10 am and have dinner on our own during our shopping spree.



After our morning yoga routine and wonderful breakfast we are heading to our weekly farmers market in Sierra Vista. We are going to buy fresh produce for our cooking class in the evening. Our afternoon will be spent in Tombstone- a town known for its Wild West history. We are taking a guided horse carriage tour (English only) and will have a drink (or two) in one of the legendary saloons. There is time for touring a bit on your own and we will head home in the evening. At the house you will meet one of our superb cooks, teaching us some of the southwestern secrets of cooking!


Fr Day 7: MEXICO

Did you enjoy your dinner last night? Well, today we are driving to Nogales, Mexico to experience some of the southern flair and one of the best restaurants across the border. There is a bit of walking involved and quite a bit of haggling in the local stores for the best price. By the time we arrive back in the evening, a healthy snack will await us and we can settle into our freshly made beds or relax with a book into the night.



This day starts again with yoga in the morning and we are packing a picknick to take along our day hike to explore the beautiful desert and meet the horses. Depending on the weather forecast, we are picking a more shaded or a somewhat sunny tour that is just around the corner. But first we are driving out to the horse stables and will have a conversation with the horses. There is no riding involved. It is about letting go of the cluttered mind and being in the moment. The horse will only be confused if you are not clear and will let you know when you have arrived. It is about patience, lightness and being here.

Dinner will await us made with love by our wonderful housekeeper and the evening is yours!



This mornings breakfast is especially important, because our next destination should not be arrived with an empty stomach. We are visiting Sonoita, a warm picturesque wine-growing region where we will take a tour to sip local wines and explore the sights of southern Arizona. This day will end with another cooking class, where we learn from a local Chef the revealed taste of BBQing- preparing a dinner that compliments some of the locally bought wines.



With a regular start we are heading to Tucson to visit the Desert Museum. This is not your ordinary museum; most of it is outside and it showcases the Sonoran Desert region, home to over 2,000 species of plants and known as the lushest desert on earth. It includes live animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and invertebrates, as well as live animal presentations, docent tours and demos.

This evening we will eat out in Tucson, before we head back home.



After our morning yoga and healthy breakfast, we will continue to enjoy our day with an hour of massage, pedicure and manicure. This day is entirely yours, to relax, dip into the hot tub, read a book or go for a run or walk. Our housekeeper will cook us a marvelous dinner and we can enjoy a movie under the stars if the weather permits it.    



This morning will have a little more time before I take you up to Mt. Lemon early afternoon. It is an amazing journey to the elevation of over 9,159 feet (2,792 m). Besides the stunning drive and beautiful sights from this giant mountain, we will have time to take the sky lift up to the summit and hike back down. We will stop for an early dinner at the popular Sawmill Run Restaurant before we get to our main destination. It would be silly not to take you to a Space Experience while you booked Space Travel and therefor we are spending the evening at the observatory.

SkyNights is a popular after-dark program that provides unique access to the heavens from the top of Mount Lemmon. Learn the constellations, observe interesting atmospheric phenomena, and view the wonders of the cosmos from a high-quality astronomical site using the amazing 32-inch Schulman and 24-inch Phillips Telescopes…Arizona’s largest dedicated public viewing telescopes!  This is a rare opportunity, a view of the universe that most of humanity will never experience…

With this in mind we will return home a bit later than usual and maybe some of us feel like watching the night sky from our patio or hot tub, dwelling on the idea on how insignificant we really are, compared to time and the universe.



Just to stay in the spirit of these past two weeks, we are going to take it easy on this last day with a short trip into the mountains, to be outside and absorb the spaciness of this high desert to take home with you!

There is plenty of time to pack for the journey back.


FR Day 14: TUCSON AIRPORT (arrival the next day in Europe)

This will be a very early morning and I will get everybody at once to the airport in Tucson, depending on the earliest take off. Try to keep this in mind when you book your return ticket. If your vacation continues from here and/ or you are not heading back early in the morning, I can help you arrange a separate transportation to the Tucson airport… Keep in mind when booking your flight, that this is already part of your journey! Try to book with a reputable airline, consider a stopover to explore on either way and try to avoid connections. As a former travel agent and a person that travels a lot, you can ask for advice anytime. Leaving Friday will give you an arrival into Europe on Saturday- that gives you Sunday to adjust and a good start into the new week.    

Please note that the sequence of the schedule may change due to weather and events!